Leh - གླེ་

April 23, 2017

Land of high passes, land of beautiful landscapes, land of humble & polite people, land of learning new things.

Leh - གླེ་, situated at an altitude 11500 ft is a wishlist travel location for most. Many travelers also visit Leh multiple times and during different seasons. Best suited time for planning Leh travel is between Jun to September.

Best time to visit Leh is between Jun to Sept, however we decided to lose the usual tourists and compromise on the typical summer in Leh.

We planned to visit Leh in winters and most people laughed at us, however the experience in Leh was completely different and we did 'see' a different Leh. 
Experiencing snowfall, shooting sunset behind Stakna Gompa from Indus banks at subzero temprature, watching monastic festivals, shooting Stok kangri peak at night around -16 degC was completely new and different for us.

Next time if you want to visit Leh, do not dismiss the idea of visiting in Winter, you'll see different beauty in Ladakh.

Traveling in Himalayas and especially in Leh Ladakh region is in full bloom and we don't want to disappoint anyone.
DiffTra will be traveling to Leh in coming months. To plan your travel with DiffTra or to get help on planning Leh with  independent groups, do get in touch with DiffTra.

DiffTra will also be assisiting all travelers in coming months for making the journeys across Leh, Zanskar & Spiti regions.

All the DiffTra journeys are very well planned, meticulously researched to assist travelers to get maximum memorable experiences within individual required timeframes and their budgets.

To know more and to get a detailed itinerary for Leh, Zanskar & Spiti regions, please get in touch with DiffTra.

Please note that all DiffTra itineraries are provided free of cost to all travelers who wish to travel. DiffTra itineraries which are published will consist of local & nearby attractions, daywise plans, contact details for hotels/booking agets/travel agents etc. DiffTra works mainly on advisory model, however in some cases, occasionally we may assist in actual bookings without any monetary interested, best to our capacity.

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