These FAQs are meant to offer explanation about normal queries. For any decision in the matter, please interact with us and then decide suitably on your own

1. What is
DiffTra ?
DiffTra - "Different Travels" is a unique open travel platform created for travel enthusiast by travel enthusiasts. DiffTra focuses on coordinating and supporting the trips in interesting, open and transparent ways.

2. Who is in the team?
DiffTra, we have a team of enthusiasts, experts and professionals who possess interesting experiences in tours, trips, travels, photography and trekking!

3. Is
DiffTra a trekking group or a tour agency?
No, it is not!

4. What is
DiffTra delivery model?
DiffTra platform enables a travel enthusiast / a group of travel enthusiasts (hereafter called as a DiffTourist) who wishes to undertake a travels in India.
We assist in tours to such different locations as Yanna, Patan, Badami, Modhera, Shrungeri, Ladakh…
DiffTra would continue to publish different excursions and tours – called as “DiffTours”. A DiffTour plan would consist of a broad travel plan, a broad schedule in number of days, daily program, travel plan, proposed dates and specialities of the DiffTour.
A DiffTourist may contact us if he/she wishes to undertake such a tour and we shall assist them with our full capacity.
For such a requested DiffTour,
DiffTra offers two models:
• Support DiffTourist in planning & organizing their own DiffTours
• Arrange entire DiffTour (including travel, stay and site-seeing) for the DiffTourist.
DiffTra may plan a DiffTour on its own - which a DiffTourist can join in our contributory model.

5. Where can I see your next tours?
DiffTra has some upcoming list of events. Stay tuned and follow us to get updates on our travel plans.

6. Do you arrange any custom tours?
Yes we do!! Based on our experience, we may also add value to your plan.

7. What are the fees/charges?
In most cases ‘none’.
DiffTra operates as an open platform and works advisory mode. With DiffTra tours you would be paying direct actual expenses in most of the cases. And, the same would be made clear during the initial stages of the interaction.
Total charges will be published with breakup, wherever possible, to everyone traveling along.

8. What if I am low on budget?
Then mostly you are at the most right place.

9. If I pay
DiffTra, how much commission would DiffTra get from Hotels/agents…?
In most cases, none.

10. What if I cancel my DiffTour after bookings are done?
Once paid for any travel/accommodation bookings, the travel and hotel cancellation policy as well as external vendor cancellation policy would apply.

11. May I pay directly while on travel?
You may, but then you choose to risk not getting your transport /food /accommodations properly on time.
We would recommend you to book in advance to avoid risks during travel.

12. What about food?
On most
DiffTra’s own travels, our itinerary will have places to eat and also can mention availability of food. Based on that we all as a group will plan where and what to eat. People can also choose to eat anywhere at our pitstops as per their likes, but have to just be punctual for the best use of time and itinerary.

13. Why
DiffTra operates in ‘Save on Travel’ mode where you would experience the same thrills and travels in very affordable manner. Most of our travels are based on contribution model. DiffTourists will have a clear idea of what, when, where and how much about any travel.

14. How
DiffTra benefits me?
DiffTra is all about affordable travels to different places and to share & learn something new.

15. Where can we reach you
As of now, you can reach us at our email ID (
DiffTra@gmail.com) and on our facebook page. We would respond you as early as possible.

16. How should I book with you?
Reach us on
Facebook Page or DiffTra@gmail.com when we publish our travel plans.

17. Can I disclose the hotels/contacts/plans/new routes gathered from
DiffTra with any other any tourist agency?
Yes, if your conscience approves.

18. Can I suggest new itinerary or changes in existing itinerary?
Yes, you can. But the suggestions will be considered as per the discretion of
DiffTra team only.

19. Can I suggest new travel plans for
Yes, reach us and we can plan your travels as per the case.

20. Is there any way to provide feedback or suggestion?
Reach us on
DiffTra@gmail.com or Facebook Page for anything, absolutely anything related to DiffTours!!!

Clearing the confusions:

DiffTra is NOT a business, like we have mentioned earlier. We love travelling.
It is an open travel platform where we encourage sharing, caring and experiencing the travels.

We treat our DiffTourists as our friends and support their DiffTours in a collaborative manner.
We encourage our friends to adhere to
DiffTra values.

We try to take “the road less travelled by” and try to ensure that it “makes all the difference”!