About Us

DiffTra - Different Travels is a unique open travel platform created for travel enthusiast by travel enthusiasts.  DiffTra is passionately committed to providing exceptional travel experiences in different, creative and graceful ways. DiffTra is all about travelling differently with respect for nature, people and environment and we are committed to passing on DiffTra values to travel enthusiasts.

Our travels take you to less explored, unique places; always beautiful, sometimes remote, usually peaceful and often exclusive. There's nothing quite like a wend to a different place to relax the body & mind and to get the internal conversation going. A lot can happen over a journey !
DiffTra is not a typical tour agency. At DiffTra, we believe that buying tours is not always a right choice for most and we thus have opted for a model where we work moreover as an advisory body. In cases when people travel with us, travellers along with us are more of ‘travel partners’ and not participants/customers. We believe in “contributory model” rather than “service model”.

We have a wide range of avenues for all kinds of travellers, from beginners to advanced. Travels with us are best suited for adventurers, photographers, nature enthusiasts, heritage explorers and the list goes on. 

Each itinerary with
DiffTra is creative and always based on our overall experience. We meticulously research to ensure that high standards are met and maintained. The tours are designed to provide a safe, meaningful and enriching travel experience that balances challenging adventures, creative learnings and exploration with fun.

DiffTra we are a team of highly qualified professionals pursuing photography, archaeology, Indology. Road trips is our hobby!. Though we do not want to claim to be experts in individual domains, the focus of all DiffTra travels will be around these aspects of our serious hobbies. Rest assured, all our travels will be enriched with one or more aspects of these hobbies. We would also encourage anyone with these or any other relevant interests to join us on travels or to spread the DiffTra culture.

Join us, feel the travel, share the experience, cherish the memories.

Please go through the FAQs to understand the exact nature of
DiffTra model.