Badami, Aihole, Pattadakal

April 23, 2017

Badami Caves:
Badami caves date back to  540 to 757 AD and were built under Chalukya era. There are several temples in Badami near the caves.
Major attractions at Badami are - Badami Caves (three Hindu caves and a Jain cave), Bhootnath temple, Badami fort with Upper Shivalaya & lower shivalaya.

Aihole temple complex is also known for Chalukyan architecture and dates back to 5th century. It has more than 70 temples around and believed that experimentation with styles was undertaken by the artisans. Later the artisans graduated to the full-fledged Chalukya style of architecture.
Major attractions in Aihole are Durga temple, Lad khan temple, Mallikarjun temple complex, Hucchimalli temple complex, Ravanaphadi rock-cut temple, Meghuti temple on the small hilltop(here you can see some of the dolemens from pre historic period), Galaganatha group of temples.  

Pattadakal complex temples are again from the same Chalukyan era. It was the capital of the Chalukyan dynasty, between 6th to 8th century and the temples date back between 7th and 8th century.
Pattadakal is UNESCO inscribed World Heritage site and was included in the list in 1987. Major attractions at Pattadakal are Virupaksha temple, Mallikarjuna Temple, Kashi Vishwanatha Temple, Kadasiddheshwara temple, Jambulinga temple, Sangameshwara temple.

Apart from this, one can visit museums maintained by Archaeological Survey of India at Badami and Aihole. One should not miss the famous sculpture of the deity Lajja Gauri preserved at the Badami Archeological Museum, originally found in Naganatha Temple, Naganathakolla,Bijapur district.

For visiting Badami, best season is early monsoon or winters.

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