Zanskar - ཟངས་དཀར་

May 05, 2017

Zanskar - ཟངས་དཀར་

After almost an hour was spent in location scouting, we finally decided to camp here. It was a pleasant evening and we were surrounded by majestic views and vibrant colors.
A little we knew that the pleasant evening will turn into much cooler night and temperature will fall below -4℃, despite that, we had a great time that night, around campfire, just to make us warm. 
Suru valley taught us a lesson on the first day itself, not to underestimate this side of Ladakh. This is least visited area in Ladakh region but with beautiful green valley, clear skies and great people!

Zanskar, an offbeat location of Ladakh. Zanskar – Suru Valley is located about 240 kms from Kargil off Srinagar – Leh road. 
Rangdum from Kargil is located around 120 kms and is considered as part of Suru valley and Padum is headquarters of Zanskar which is another 120 kms from Rangdum. 

Road from Kargil to Padum is one of the most scenic routes and less frequently visited by travelers visiting Ladakh region.
 Penzi-la is the highest point of this route and this pass separates Suru valley from Zanskar. One can have a majestic view of Drang-drung glacier and Nun-Kun peaks around Penzi-la.

Apart from the beautiful landscapes in Suru valleys and Zanskar, there are many monasteries to visit.
Buddha statue near Karche khar is another attraction even for historians as it dates back to 5th century. 
During winters, Suru valley and Zanskar are mostly inaccessible by road. However many adventurers travel to Padum and Hemis national park in quest of getting a single view of the most rare Snow leopard. 

Experience Suru and Zanskar valley with DiffTra. Reach out to us for a detailed itinerary and collaborative travel assistance to Zanskar and visit Rangdum and Padum.

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